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The Paperbat books are a new fun series of children’s books for ages 4 to 7. They are ideal for reading practice or listening as a bedtime story. But who are the Paperbats? Well, they’re shy, plump, furry bats, but with paper wings, that are found in many of our local parks. They have busy lives protecting our parks from dangers, such as fires and damage. Yet, being made of paper is not good for flying in the rain or being near fire, and as they are so light they are blown around by the wind. This is why they are never recognised by humans, who only see pieces of newspaper.

About the books

Each book of 4600 words and 28 pages tells short stories about members of a Paperbat family. The first story introduces how a young boy called Jack meets the different family members [see the Stories page to learn about each of the characters], whilst the second story tells how the Paperbats came to be made of paper.

Each book has a little game in it. Book one requires you to locate sunny's lost caterpillar in one of the pictures. The second book asks you to count the number of yellow butterflies in the pictures.

The Paperbats Game

Book 1

Protectors of Your Local Park

Download the introductory Paperbats book for free

Remember to help Sunny locate her lost caterpillar

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Book 2

Metro Saves the Day

Read a preview of the second Paperbats adventure and then buy from Amazon

Try to count the yellow butterflies hidden in the pictures

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