Jerry Evans grew up in Cambridge, England, but now lives in London, and has two children.

I spent many years working in an investment bank, but left for teaching – which keeps my mind young!

My interests include children’s story telling, mountaineering, conservation [particularly of bats. I have helped sponsor a breeding programme of rare Rodrigues Fruit Bats at Jersey Zoo, alongside another keen bat loving person, Monty Python's John Cleese. I have written these books to help publicise the plight of several rare species of fruit bats, and hope the books will eventually bring more positive attention to fruit bats.

I am always seeking further support and marketing to promote the conservation of bats, and any help marketing the Paperbats' books is very welcome. He can be contacted here or on jerry_evans_uk@yahoo.co.uk


Hope you enjoy these books as much as my children did when they were growing up.

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