The Paperbat stories so far     +   Meet the Characters.
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The world of the Paperbats is one that is growing. Each individual book comprises 28 to 32 pages, with around 4600 words. All have a dozen  colour pictures which help illustrate the story lines.
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Book 1 was published in e-book form in March 2011 and is offered free on several reputable book websites.  
Book 2 has now been published and available since August 2011 from several reputable book websites. 
There are 2 additional Paperbat story books written and awaiting publication.   
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April 2011, the first of the Paperbat books [Protectors of Your Local Park] was published on Amazon as a paperback.
ISBN-13 : 978-1461039877       ISBN-10: 1461039878
List Price: $6.49 / £3.99
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Full Color on White paper 32 pages

August 2011, the second paperbat book [Metro Saves the Day] was published on Amazon.
ISBN-13 : 978-1-4660-9345-4        ISBN-10 : 1466093455
List price: $7.99 / £4.99
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Full Color on White paper 30 pages

  • Audio books:
There are plans to put each of story books as a 5 minute audio-book via youtube in the coming months. 

  • Story titles
BOOK 1     [Published March 2011]    
The Paperbats: Protectors of Your Local Park 

  •  We are the Paperbats
  •  Why are we made of paper?

BOOK 2   [Published August 2011]                          BOOK 3   [being prepared; 2012 ]
  • Herald’s birthday present                                                     * Sunny's flying lesson
  • Metro’s invention saves the park                                           * Sunny's white nose !

BOOK 4      [being prepared 2012]                                                 BOOK 5 [ being prepared]
  • Halloween Havoc                                                                  * The Royal visitor
  • The big storm                                                                       * Bullying parrots

Meet the Characters.
.  .  .  .

Young Sunny                                       The twins; Metro & Tel                                 Granny Guardia  & daughter Express            The chief Goblin

She is the youngest of the                     Tel is the brave twin [or he thinks             Often found together cooking. Express          A nasty, rude and mean creature,  
paperbats and not yet a good flyer.       he is. He always wears a blue hat,           is sporty, being a very fast flyer. This             who turned the bats into paper. But
She befriends the young boy,Jack,       under-which he keeps bits of food!           ability once helped her save the park.            he is also a bit stupid, as he cannot
as they both feel lonely.                         Metro is an inventor, and always wears    She proudly wears a red necklace which      read or write.
                                                               a tool belt, in case he has an idea.            she was given as a thankyou.

.         .      .

Jack                                                                  Grandpa Times                                                     Herald  &  Indy     [father and mother Paperbat]

Jack lives with his parents opposite         Grandpa Times is very old, with crumpled       Herald now looks after the local park, since Granpa Times
the north gate of the park. His parents     wings, so he now finds it difficult to fly. He       is now too old. He is very proud of his job, even though it sometimes
run a newsagents and are always too     is very knowledgrable, because he reads       can be dangerous. Indy, is always busy, looking after the family. But
busy to notice him. But he has made       a lot. And loves telling stories.                            Indy also loves painting, and always carries a paintbrush around, in
friends with the Paperbats.                                                                                                          case she see something to paint.

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